We are an independent firm that provides Business Mentoring, Tax Management Solutions and Strategic Tax Consultancy services to businesses and business owners. We also solve tax problems and help businesses to manage their tax risks and issues.

Our business solutions are high quality and competitively priced. They are drawn from spending many years providing tax and related services to clients of small, medium and large accountancy firms and from leading and managing tax services for large corporates which means that we know what works in practice. We offer a unique breadth of experience and expertise that helps start-ups and SMEs through to large corporates and household names.

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Justin Walton, Founder and Managing Director

Our Founder

I am Justin Walton and I set up PLS Tax Solutions in 2015. My tax career began in the late 1980’s and has led me to tax leadership and management roles at KPMG, BDO (Stoy Hayward), MBS and John Laing Group plc. I also spent three years as a Non-Executive Director of a small facilities management business.

In my time as Head of Tax at John Laing Group, it became clear to me that there are a great many businesses of all sizes that do not have people in designated roles to lead and manage their tax affairs. These businesses are usually reliant on their advisors and will often have somebody in-house with “tax” on their very long list of responsibilities. While this may work and tick boxes, it is far from optimal for many businesses as they tend to lack a coherent strategy on tax and an ability to deliver that strategy for the benefit of the business. Focus is the key word here. The largest and most proactive businesses have a designated person or team to lead and manage their tax affairs, risks and issues. This focus means that they are proactive leading to increased value, profit and cash and better tax risk management and mitigation strategies. Having focus can only benefit the business, its people, its owners and other key stakeholders.

I established PLS Tax Solutions to help other businesses to get more focus around tax and related matters. Through our core services we help businesses of all sizes to be more focussed and to ensure that they handle their tax affairs, risks, issues and problems proactively and efficiently.

I am a Chartered Tax Advisor, member of the Association of Taxation Technicians, member of The Institute of Leadership and Management and a member of Institute of Directors. As a business owner myself, I am in a good position to empathise with my clients and be solution-focussed.


Tax Management Solutions

Our programme is ideally suited to you if you are a growing or larger businesses that does not have dedicated tax people in your headcount or if you are looking for your first tax hire. We help our clients focus on the key tax issues that affect their business, enable business owners and management to focus on what they are best at by taking on the tax management role for their business, look for ways to increase value and deliver cost savings and manage business tax risk.  You would work with experienced tax people with practice and commercial tax backgrounds. For full details please click here

Solving Tax Problems

We solve tax and tax-related problems for businesses of all sizes. We start at the planning phase and while many firms stop short of supporting implementation, we have capability to see projects and advice through implementation. Businesses often find that when they engage professional tax firms they engage at partner level but work with more junior staff. In our experience, business and finance leaders prefer to work with senior tax people and that is precisely what happens when you work with us with quality service at the heart of how we work. For full details please click here

Strategic Tax Consultancy

Our programme is ideally suited to you if you are an in-house tax professional or the tax lead in your business and you are looking for independent support in developing your team and your own career. We have been fortunate to work with people in successful in-house tax teams which affords us great insight into what makes the best exactly that.  We draw on our expertise and experience to provide mentoring and coaching-led support.  We will design a programme that works for you and your business.  For full details please click here 

Business Mentoring

Our programme is ideally suited to you if you own or run a start-up or smaller businesses. We help you to achieve the dreams and aspirations you set when you went into business. We provide a framework that helps you to stay focussed on business and financial management and stay accountable to your  goals.  So often owners of smaller businesses lose focus where they lack that accountability so we fulfil that role in helping you to stay accountable. For full details please click here

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