My Tax Director

“A tax director for your business”

We focus on supporting:

  • Owner-managed businesses
  • Professional services firms
  • Growing businesses
  • Start-ups and small businesses

We help our clients to focus on the key tax issues that affect their business, enable business owners and management focus on what they are best at by taking on the tax management role for their business, look for ways to increase value and deliver cost savings and manage business tax risk. You would work with experienced tax people with practice and commercial tax backgrounds and at a competitive rate.

Our suite of products can be delivered as a programme, as a bespoke package or on a stand-alone basis.

My Tax MOT – a fast but comprehensive review of the key areas of your business or personal situation to identify the important tax structuring, exemptions, reliefs and allowances that apply to you on your own facts and circumstances. Like a car MOT or a health check, this diagnostic puts you in control of your tax planning and tax affairs by identifying the areas you should focus on to make improvements to your overall success.

My Tax SOS Support – a place to turn to so you can move tax questions along quickly. This acts like a triage solution meaning you are not left to worry over something and you take action fast and in a measured way.

My Tax Sounding Board – we provide a more structured support network for you to discuss business developments with so that your tax planning is centred in commercial planning.

My Tax Partner – we are by your side, effectively running your tax function for you taking the strain and pain away and helping you become more efficient and effective in your tax management.

My Tax Management Meetings – our regular, structured meetings mean that there is always an agenda on tax that is understood by all key decision makers in the business, including by Executives and Non-Executives.

My Tax Liabilities Appraisal – this deep dive into your overall tax position means we help you to get a good handle on all the taxes you pay, including some you might not expect. Understanding your tax liabilities puts you in control in helping you see tax as another management tool. This appraisal also works very well where you are looking to buy or sell a business.

My Tax Planning Appraisal – there is planning you are interested in but how do you know it works from you financially, morally, ethically and structurally? We carry out a business case assessment and report to you on the key advantages and disadvantages as we see them. This works well in cases where an advisor has recommended planning to you and you need an independent but cost-effective sense check of what has been put to you.

My Tax Governance Review – governance is a critical part of running any business and tax governance is no exception. We review how you control and govern tax in your business and make no-nonsense recommendations for improvements as well as commending best practice.

My Tax Affairs Workshop – this comprehensive review workshop covers a wide range of areas from which you get a clearer understanding of where tax impacts you and how you can better manage it.

My Tax Procurement Support – as an experienced purchaser of tax compliance and advisory services over many years and insight into a wide range of tax solution providers in the marketplace, we act as your best friend to procure tax services effectively and cost effectively, managing the process for you from end to end.

My Tax Project Management Support – from acting as sounding board to you to taking an active role in project managing the tax aspects of important business projects, we have the experience and expertise to deliver an effective solution leaving you to focus on what you are best at.


"Thank you for the session and for sending the action plan. We found it extremely useful and thought provoking."

"I have known Justin for over 6 years and have seen him adapt to and work in many different situations at John Laing through that time.  Justin has a broad range of tax expertise and is used to working closely with colleagues from across the business, managing outside advisors and maintaining effective relationships with tax authorities.  He has a commercial outlook which ensures that his management of tax issues is aligned with the needs of the business and his engaging style ensures he has a positive impact on the teams he leads and works with. I would recommend Justin's services to anyone looking for senior tax support confident in the knowledge that his tax experience, adaptable approach and working style will ensure he exceeds expectations and delivers value to the businesses he works with."

"The Group's tax affairs have been managed well under Justin's leadership. He is organised and has successfully led an effective team. He was our Head of Tax when we successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2015 and when we launched JLEN in 2014 and understands how businesses should organise their tax affairs ahead of significant corporate transactions. We would recommend Justin to businesses that are looking for an accomplished tax leader to complement their leadership team."

"I have known Justin for over 4 years now having worked with him on a number of programmes and projects at a client of Change-Gear's, John Laing. At the time Justin was Head of Tax where I know that he was exceptionally well regarded by his colleagues and the Board. I personally always found Justin to be both knowledgeable and engaging, always giving over and above to get the job done. I am sure future clients will really enjoy working with him and I would have no hesitation in recommending Justin to anyone considering using his business."

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