My Business Mentor

"Helping you achieve your dreams and aspirations"

My Business Mentor is ideally suited to you if you own or run a start-up, young or growing business. We help you achieve your dreams and aspirations of being in business. We provide a framework that helps you stay focussed on business and financial management and stay accountable to your goals.  So often owners of smaller businesses lose focus where they lack that accountability so we fulfil that role for you.

My Business Mentor is a suite of tried and tested strategic and support tools which are available as full programme, bespoke package or on a stand-alone basis.

My Business Workshop: based on our tried and tested methodology, we follow a detailed Q&A format with you to start to understand you and your business drivers, explore key business and financial management aspects of your business and create a business management and financial plan for you to follow.   You can deliver the plan on your own or we can help you with that.

My Business SOS Support: we are there for you when you need support the most.

My Business Sounding Board: we act as a sounding board to your creative thoughts and ideas and help you problem solve as you go.

My Business Partner: strategic and operational support to help you excel where you make the most difference to the success of your business.

My Business Companion: supporting you through important business events.

My Business Management Meetings: we chair meetings to help you to keep on track and accountable to your financial plans.  Meetings are followed by refined actions so you stay in control.

My Business Pitch: professional business pitch writing to help you impress key stakeholders.

My Business Plan: professional business plan writing to help you clarify and solidify your business goals and roadmap.  

My Business Project Support: helping you deliver important business projects so you can focus on running your business.

My Business Transaction Support: helping you deliver important business transactions.

What people say about us

“I'd like to give a testimonial for PLS for the fantastic workshop they provided for me.  In my opinion, it's an essential workshop for all self-employed people running their own business.  I highly recommend having a chat with them to see how they can make your business more profitable and take your business where you want it to go.  Their experience and expertise is invaluable to us all.  Thank you and I'm looking forward to working with you!”

“I saw the action plan and was really excited about where this is heading”

“It seems like a big step but the business is ready for it and so am I so I am really excited”

“This is exactly what I need – someone to help me keep on top of things and achieve my goals for my business”

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